So Much to do!

We have been swamped, so swamped I have not been able to complete our new and revamped site as this one was just a little personal blog. I think it still has good info in it in there but we want the new stuff.

We are adding to the new site info on Yurt Kits, Dome Kits, 3d printing services, Quilting Fabric Cutting services, Machine Embroidery, and a new Backyard Retail Nursery for wonderful flower and veggie plants, berries, and ornamentals…as well as a few garden supplies as we can stock them.  We will also be offering custom elevated garden boxes, custom welded ornamental items for the yard or garden, welded or wood built gazebos and arches, and custom concrete work.  We are still gathering pictures for everything but we are working hard to complete everything.

We are also looking forward to launching our site to hopefully coincide with SunRay Kelley’s new site! Exciting things are happening on his homestead and beyond!.

Here is a picture of the dome kit we have that are 3D printed connectors in a kit of 26 for $200 plus shipping.  Now if you have priced dome kits at all around the country, this is very very reasonable and that is how we wanted it because we want to make it very affordable especially for those greenhouses and chicken coops so that families can grow their gardens all year if they want and have those great fresh eggs!!



I am also informed that we will be starting to build the yurt near the pasture for our office and she shed, etc very very soon!  I know I have said that for over a year now but it is actually going to start this next month!!  We are looking at a 12 or 16 sided 1.5 story so that we can have a little loft for a library.  It’s going to be exciting. Here is a picture of one that is a 10 sided seems simple 🙂  ?TenYurtExploded


Yurts and Things almost live!

hear =t d=camilleI am just about ready to finally launch the updated version of the Yurts and Things blog. It’s amazing how many “things” there are attached, so much so that I had to really just get focused, pare down to some basics and will add as I go.  I swear I think I could stay up probably 72 hours and write that whole things and still not be finished sharing what I think are the important things!  This is actually quite timely as well as we are breaking ground this week on the Yurt Build.  We changed location on the property for it so now it will be down by the garden which kind of suits me well. It means not only will the garden be around but now I can actually have a real edible landscape. I really think that will be a lot of peace in my life.

Jordan is pretty excited to be involved as well as he will be taking on the business and direction of Yurts and Things. It has become even more important to him as his desire is to actually start building yurt kits for families to help them begin home ownership on a smaller scale, something they can afford without going into debt and grow into.  Not only that but to also allow those that want to live more off the grid the ability to realistically accomplish that. In fact in discussing Jordan’s vision for his business he really wants to help families with their initial build and then to help them add on as they can afford and as their family grows.  Eventually he would love to establish a yurt community that is sustainable and environmentally family friendly.  He already knows how to complete the foundations with his concrete knowledge, some help with energy requirements with wind turbines and just his excitement to really learn all he can and share.

We are both very excited to have Sunray Kelley and Bonnie Howard be a part of the build bringing their vision and special touches in only a way that Sunray and Bonnie can for sure. They are going to be  a pivotal part of the project for the community bringing their brand of love and life.  During the build they will be hosting small workshops along the way for those assisting. We are going to be documenting every step of the way with pictures, blogs, and videos. Upon completion of the Yurt here they are  launching the beginning of their Yurt kit adventure around the world. So stay tuned, it’s going to happen very quickly probably within the space of a couple of weeks and you don’t want to miss a thing 🙂

So now were off to find a home for the 1947 Minnesota Moline tractor that has called that space home for the past 20 years.  It’s time to make space and hopefully find a place where it can be restored to it’s former beauty!

Life Saving Parvo Virus Treatment for Sasha


The latest on Sasha:

Sasha is doing wonderfully well. She has progressed so well she has been able to stay home. On Sunday it was like a switch turned on, she actually got up and ran to the door to greet me, she was bright eyed and walking around and looking for food. She finally took food in her bowl instead of syringe. On Monday she had her checkup. She was normal in everything except still a little dehydrated, they drew blood and her white blood cell count was still at a place to go another round of antibiotics to keep an infections at bay. She weighs 3.5 pounds so she lost another few ounces so that is our challenge right now to put weight back onto her. She has another check up tomorrow but since Sunday she now is eating several times a day and I only have to syringe feed the one with all the goodies in it to keep her blood sugar and everything level. We are just so happy and surprised she seems to have survived this nasty virus and hopefully will continue because we know we are not out of the woods yet. She is even interested in her toys and now cuddling with her sister pica. We still have to keep her kind of quiet and she does wear out fast but she is still with us and even more loving than she was before. Here is a picture with her and one of her toys and with her daddy giving lovins.

1:20 p

My sons tiny little Sasha has Parvo so we were encouraged to set up a fund page because of the cost. Thank you in advance to reading. 🙂

1:20 p.m.

We just had a call from the vet stating that Sasha is so active and starting to eat and doing well that she can come home today at 5:30, we would be taking her back in the morning to check her vitals and fluids to be sure she will be ok over the weekend. The vet was very surprised considering the condition she was in when we took her in. Not sure if she was confident that she would pull through. But that is understandable since we were really scared and didn’t either. We are so happy she is recovering and doing so well as we know how bad this was and how tragic it could have been.  Thank you everyone for your support through all this. I  re-wrote the funding description to include some personal and important facts regarding my son and his need for Sasha. Also an explanation of his inability to obtain employment after the military immediately because of the way they do not support the service members after they are discharged. Any info or suggestions would be helpful as my son really could use the help, he is always helping others. Thank you guys.

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