Celebrate the Entrance

When my daughter was accepted at Digi-Pen as an art student, we had the pleasure of meeting the person who designed the new campus.  His first piece of advice was to “Celebrate the Entrance”.  I took that literally, the entrance to any home is the doorway of which we think.  It is the place of which we live, think, we create. we love, we hate, we exist.  This is my doorway which someone special to me thought it best to start.


FYI behind the beautifully crafted bamboo fence is a stack of cherry wood, with an altar and two stones.  I know it is hard to see and I will post a better picture when my camera decides to cooperate with me.   It is fitting for where I live, we celebrate daily the beauty and nature we have been lucky enough to be a guest of.

While posting this a tag came up with home school.  Well…I am an avid believer in that philosophy.  I home schooled my children, at times they wondered what are we learning because I did not make my home a school but a learning environment.  My core belief is that my children didn’t  need to know everything by rote but needed the ability to find what they wanted to know.  That was before most of the internet.  So by teaching our children how to find information they needed they learned what they needed.  Now I can proudly say I have five very successful children who know they can be or do anything they want in life. Nothing is impossible.



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