Homemade Chicken Coop with Beer Can Shingles Was Built in 10 Hours for $40 : TreeHugger

I find myself spending countless hours checking out chicken coops made out of everything. I love all the innovations.  I have several pallets, some scrap lumber, some plastic bins, a bit of tongue and groove, and some metal roofing.  It is time to drag it all out and just get the thing made, trust my instincts as they have worked out before.  

Homemade Chicken Coop with Beer Can Shingles Was Built in 10 Hours for $40 : TreeHugger.

I have two small dogs that need to spend some quality time outside but I can’t really let them run loose.  I’ve toyed with the idea of again using pallets as an enclosure, using two for the sides and one for each of the ends.  For their size, it would make a nice little space to have some fresh air and sun.  I fear I spend too much time thinking about how and what I can do with the materials around me instead of getting it done.  Thank God for the internet continuing to give me inspiration every day from ideas and creations of others. 

This weekend my son gave me these cute planters, they are great.  One cat has a tail the other doesn’t (a Manx?)  Now I just need to organize my space again so everything is in a visual stimulating space. 🙂


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