Homestead Gardening

I have lived here almost three years.  This is the most wonderful place to get grounded, get in love with the earth, and connect.  I spent some time today just taking pictures of the beauty surrounding me.  The funny thing is we have been called hobbit ville and hippy ville.  We are far from it.  I hope I can say we all love nature and it’s bounty. We love the birds (eagles, owls, and starlings and the occasional bat). We love the ambiance; we love the peace and quiet and the common vision.  We are connected in a sense but I think not in a way that physical man thinks 🙂  I know after moving here all the sudden my creative nature got kicked into high gear.  My experiences with gardening and canning became a passion again.  No matter what I did, I would have ideas creeping forward of what to do with this item or that item, how to up cycle, recycle, and create beautiful and functional items.  I have realized I live in an environment of art and creativity. On the homestead, we have a variety of talents residing here.  We have an artist, sculpturer, builder, painter, photographer, and videographer, teacher, up cycler, recycler, canner, musician, organic gardener, writers, motorcycle mechanic, motorcycle restorer, a veteran, and a ship captain.  I am sure I have missed some talents there but that is quite a bit for a small neighborhood.

A beautiful full bloom Azalea

My first Pic much more to come.

Bacopia…one of my favorite plants to put in a hanging plant, it flourishes, hangs and blooms the whole season.

The blueberry bush, loaded with new buds.

Columbine…so beautiful and elegant.

A variety of flowers.

The beauty of the bloom.

The beauty continues.

Seed-um in discarded utensil tray.  The idea here is as the seed-um keeps spreading it will fill the tray to the point that you can actually hang it on a wall.  It makes a nice living decoration.


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  1. oceannah
    May 25, 2012 @ 07:15:18

    Hi Cynthia, nice looking flowers! You’re leaps and bounds ahead of me w/ tech stuff…but it’s nice to find another very groovy gardener. Have a great weekend.


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