Replanting and Slug control

Well, I am kind of feeling I am losing the battle with my garden between all this wonderful rain in the Pacific Northwest which does nothing but harvest more slugs.  The only thing I really try to concentrate on is the fact that we live in a wonderful and beautiful GREEN environment.  It is beautiful here regardless of the weather. Every night I go on slug patrol, I pick them off my plants and throw them into my goldfish pond.  Hope my goldfish are happy, they should be fat and pregnant by now. 🙂  Regardless I need to replant garlic, onion, and carrots.  We have not had enough sun to really facilitate a good grow.  It may be still a couple of weeks before we actually see summer even though today is the first day.  One wonderful note is my Kohlrabies, beets, and potatoes are thriving. My cauliflower and broccoli are trying their damnedest.  So far my Daisies have survived and I look forward to a beautiful flower garden. Unfortunately I had to take my Passion Flower Vine and Jasmine into the house so not to be eaten, they are too important to me. I do have a few Heirloom Tomatoes thriving in my greenhouse that will make wonderful spaghetti sauce and salsa.  I found a treasure of which I will share a pic.  It is called Dittany of Create Oregano.  Otherwise known and whoolley oregano which I have been searching for several years. It easily propagates,. just cut and put in water and then you have several plants.


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  1. Emily
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 07:01:52

    Not sure if you’ve tried this or not… But try putting out a rimmed cookie sheet partially full of beer near your trouble areas. I’ve had trouble with slugs eating my strawberries, but when I set out a pan full of beer the slugs migrated to it and killed themselves in it (kind of disgusting I know) but it worked.

    Btw, I started reading your blog about a week ago and find you to be quite inspiring.


    • Emily
      Jun 22, 2012 @ 07:40:31

      Ah. Well I hope you are able to find a solution to your slug fest. I know how it feels to lose your crop to pesky bugs. Good luck and God bless.


  2. Tammy
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 12:49:54

    I’ve used the beer also. Is there something that you can plant to repel them? Marigold?


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