So Much to do!

We have been swamped, so swamped I have not been able to complete our new and revamped site as this one was just a little personal blog. I think it still has good info in it in there but we want the new stuff.

We are adding to the new site info on Yurt Kits, Dome Kits, 3d printing services, Quilting Fabric Cutting services, Machine Embroidery, and a new Backyard Retail Nursery for wonderful flower and veggie plants, berries, and ornamentals…as well as a few garden supplies as we can stock them.  We will also be offering custom elevated garden boxes, custom welded ornamental items for the yard or garden, welded or wood built gazebos and arches, and custom concrete work.  We are still gathering pictures for everything but we are working hard to complete everything.

We are also looking forward to launching our site to hopefully coincide with SunRay Kelley’s new site! Exciting things are happening on his homestead and beyond!.

Here is a picture of the dome kit we have that are 3D printed connectors in a kit of 26 for $200 plus shipping.  Now if you have priced dome kits at all around the country, this is very very reasonable and that is how we wanted it because we want to make it very affordable especially for those greenhouses and chicken coops so that families can grow their gardens all year if they want and have those great fresh eggs!!



I am also informed that we will be starting to build the yurt near the pasture for our office and she shed, etc very very soon!  I know I have said that for over a year now but it is actually going to start this next month!!  We are looking at a 12 or 16 sided 1.5 story so that we can have a little loft for a library.  It’s going to be exciting. Here is a picture of one that is a 10 sided seems simple 🙂  ?TenYurtExploded


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