Well hi and thanks for visiting.  My name is Cindy and welcome to Yurts and Things; my personal space to share my vision, passions, creativity, and ideas.  I decided that I have so many things to say and share that I needed an outlet or platform to share them.  I am 58 and currently on SSID trying to survive and thrive on it with dignity and grace not allowing my disability to define me.

I formerly was a full-time student at Western Governors University striving to attain my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with a Security emphasis, unfortunately my disability proved to be too much to continue.  I find my biggest challenge is finding a balance in life with the things I’m passionate about such as gardening, quilting, sewing, creating (DIY), canning, teaching, family, and my two wonderful dogs (Courtney and Pica).  I hope that what I share inspires, challenges, and gives you that desire to reach beyond what you think you can accomplish.

A little bit more about me.  I was born in Wenatchee, Washington, the “Apple Capital of the World”.  At the age of three, we relocated to Dallas, Texas.  We lived there when President John F Kennedy was shot.  Then on to Garland and finally to a quiet little remote location called Quinlan, Texas.  That is where I got first hand experience of living off the land, off the grid, and fully sustainable.  Quinlan was about 30 miles outside of Dallas but it would seem out of this world with a population of approx. 350 people.  We lived on 9 acres which included a creek “crek” and a lovely grove of trees which disguised a graveyard from the 1800’s of the family who had homesteaded.  We had every farm animal we could, hauled water, lived in a one-bedroom house with 5 people, and had about an acre garden.  We were remote enough that we only went to the town of Greenville, TX to get groceries once a month.

My mom and grandmother instilled in us the value of gardening, harvesting, and canning or “putting your food up”.  When we first moved there we didn’t even have a telephone but after my mom petitioned the then Governor George Bush in an exhaustive letter writing campaign, we got a telephone with a ten party line.  Ah, we were connected to the world finally although privacy was out the window.  I enjoyed that life, fishing, hunting, raising our food (animal and vegetable), making our clothes, repairing instead of tossing, traipsing through the woods and enjoying all the great ponds full of life, and most of all learned the value of the simple things.

When I was in the ninth grade our house burned down and within two days we relocated back to Wenatchee, Washington.  It was a culture shock for sure me with my lovely southern twang but I still had the foundation of what I lived in Texas.  Since that time I have been back and forth between Wenatchee, Skagit Valley, Lake Stevens, Cashmere, back to Sedro Woolley, and finally good old Lake Stevens which I call home.

I hope to bring some of the valuable lessons of life I’ve learned in my adventures never imagining that some years later I would find myself again living remotely in a one bedroom Yurt for a few years.  I think I was born for that quiet and peaceful lifestyle. I believe that my mother and grandmothers lessons from my earlier years influence my day-to-day life of sustainability and survival.  I have learned again to love and appreciate the simpler things in life.  If you want to contact me directly, you can email me at yurtsandthings@gmail dot com.


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