Healthy Living

I recently had a health scare, one of those things that my parents had (both of mine have passed), and so I thought wow, what do I need to do. So I searched and searched and researched.  I wish to share some of the insightful things I have found on this page.  I am almost at the point of creating another web-space just for that reason as a lot of the information I have learned others want. So we will see. I’m not on trying to capitalize on everything I fall upon. Some people are. I always believed personally in my life that money is not my motivator. I believe in helping my friends, family, and those who want to know. I’m more of an educator, teaching others what I have learned and believe me, since I had my diagnosis, I’ve learned a hell of a lot.  The internet today is our Encyclopedia Britannica 🙂  I have been absent from my own blog for a few months because of this transition.  I am totally still focused on gardening, cob and natural building, and everything else on my original blog but now I find myself consumed with healthy living and eating. Please follow if you agree, if not see u soon. 🙂


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